GHHS is offering Spay and Neuter Financial Assistance for Dogs / Cats

This program is designed for those in financial need. Your application must be approved by Georgia Heartland Humane Society. To be eligible a person must be: 1. 18 years of age or older 2. Owner of pet to be spayed or neutered 3. And be a recipient or be eligible in one of the following areas: a. Receiving Federal or State Financial Assistance b. Senior Citizen c. Disabled d. Low income as defined by the 2017 poverty guidelines.

Contact Us

Email us  or give us a call for the application

Summary of Eligibility

  1.  Provide proof of your income  
  2.  Provide proof of prior pet vaccinations
  3.  Agree to pay for any vaccinations required for your pet to be spayed, Many veterinarians require specific vaccinations prior to sterilization, and you will be responsible for compliance with these requirements. All pain medications, e-collars etc. will be paid for by the owner. The voucher entitles the animal to receive a health examination and the spay/neuter surgery. No other services are included.
  4.  All pets in the household must be spayed and or neutered 

Georgia Heartland Humane Society 

PO Box 72197
Newnan, Georgia 30271
(770) 830-2820
[email protected]


12 The Crescent, Newnan, GA 30263

Telephone: (770) 304-7911

Fax: (770) 304-7912

Email: [email protected]

No additional charge for Pregnant or In Heat female patients.

Vaccines and tests are ONLY given at the time of surgery, or at our MONTHLY vaccine clinic.

Rabies vaccine required, or owner may provide rabies certificate if vaccinated within prior 12 month period.

Surgery Fees- click link below for help clinic website for more detailed information

Shot clinics monthly - verify schedule on Help Website

Canine Vaccines

Rabies Vaccine - $10

DHPP - $10

Leptospirosis - $12

Bordetella (kennel cough) - $10

Heartworm Test - $15

Deworm – Strongid - $5

(roundworms, hookworms)

Deworm Drontal - $10

(hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms)

Puppies should begin DHPP vaccines at the age of 6 weeks, and should receive a booster vaccine every three weeks until 12 weeks old.

Adult canine vaccines should be boostered annually for Rabies vaccine, DHPP and Bordetella.

Feline Vaccines

Rabies Vaccine - $10

FVRCP (feline distemper/upper respiratory) - $10

FELV (feline leukemia) - $15

FELV/FIV Combo Test - $25

Deworm Strongid - $5

(roundworms, Hookworms)

Deworm Praziquantel - $10

(roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms)

Kittens should begin FVRCP vaccines at the age of 6 weeks, and should receive a booster vaccine every three weeks until 12 weeks old.

Kittens and adult felines should be first tested for FELV before vaccines begin. Once vaccinated, felines should receive a booster FELV vaccine three weeks following the first vaccine.

Adult feline vaccines should be boostered annually for Rabies vaccine, FVRCP, and FELV.

Surgery is performed Monday through Thursday by appointment only.

Office check in time is 8:00 AM. Transport check in time is 8:30 AM. Please allow 30 minutes for check in.

Office pick up time is at 7:30 the morning after surgery, except on Thursday  same day release at 4:00.

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Free Fix-A-Bull

Do you need help getting your Pit Bull or Pit Bull mixed Fixed ?

Does he / she need a rabies shot ? Fix A Bull maybe able to help .

Send an Email with your information to ;

[email protected] or call us at 770-502-5054 and leave a message .

*** must meet minimum qualification***

Program Funding Provided by people who LOVE Pit Bulls