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About Us 

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Our Focus - Rescue, Adopt, Spay & Neuter!

 Georgia Heartland Humane Society, Inc. was founded in 1995 based upon the concept that all life is sacred and that animals deserve a pain-free, peaceful existence.

We are a 501(c)3,no-kill animal rescue that receives no government funding. It relies solely on the generosity of the public, striving to maintain its strong fundraising efforts within the community and with area businesses and corporations. We do not operate a shelter, but offer services to the residents of our community and their companion animals. Our volunteers are passionate in their belief that all pets deserve loving families and are working towards that goal through various spay/neuter programs and owner assistance programs.


Work to end the suffering of dogs and cats resulting from abuse, neglect, and pet overpopulation. To help animals through

(1) Rescue of abandoned, neglected, and abused animals;

(2) Spay/neuter assistance program:

(3) Promoting community awareness 

(4) Support positive changes in local and state law regarding animal protection.

Many of the animals that become a part of our rescue would not survive without our help, we rescue abused animals that do not know comfort and kindness, and love.​

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