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Community Outreach  

Host an Event

Adoption events are a great way to promote our animals and get them adopted. We feel it is helpful for potential adopters to meet our foster animals face to face, and get to know a pet's personality. These events can be held at your place of business where we will set up a booth and bring a few of our adoptable animals to the location. This is a great opportunity to promote us and your business. 

What You Can Do For The Event

  • Allow us to set up our booth (information handouts, signage, adoptable animals, etc.) at your place of business or community event.
  • Help spread the word about the event by posting the details of the event on your website and social media platforms.
  • Offer adoption incentives, such as a discount or coupon, for adopting an animal at the event. 

What We Can Do For The Event

  • We can promote the event on our social media, drawing attention to your business, both before and after the event. We are always thankful!
  • We will set up our booth, providing the animals and a few volunteers. We will be present throughout the event.  

Provide Products or Services 

Your business can help GHHS by providing a product or service we need. Here are a few examples:

  • Office donations of food, supplies and toys. Click Here to access our Chewy Wishlist.
  • Host a canned food drive for cats & kittens.
  • Your company can provide services such as tee-shirts, printed materials and items of fundraiser prizes.
  • Your office can form a volunteer team to assist at an event. 
    • Ren Fest in particular is a great time for group volunteers. Your business can staff the booth for a day during the festival. This is a fun way for companies and their employees to give back and team build. 

Fundraising Teams

Throughout the year, GHHS partakes in various fundraisers. Most of these fundraisers involve joining our team or creating a sub-team for us to raise money through your individual network. This is a great opportunity for your business to fundraise together, share our stories and save more animals. Click Here  to donate/join our current fundraising event.

Thank You

We are always thankful for our community sponsors and donors. If your business is interested in partnering with Georgia Heartland Humane Society, contact us today by emailing! We will happily promote your business by thanking you on social media for your involvement in our mission. Additionally, we can add you to our list of Partners and Sponsors. 

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