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Deciding to rehome your pet(s) is never an easy decision. We encourage those considering rehoming their pet(s) to do some research and seek resources to make the best decision possible for you and your pet(s). If you can no longer care for your pet(s) or you have taken in an animal off the streets, below are some of the options available to you for finding a new, safe and loving home for them. 


Rehoming Your Pet(s) Through "Rehome"


The ​Process

Rehome is a website created by Adopt-a-Pet and PetCo Foundation to help pet owners safely rehome their animals. The process is simple, and you can start by clicking the Learn More button on the image. By clicking Learn More you can also help Georgia Heartland Humane Society receive funds towards all the medical bills and costs that come with taking in abandoned animals. 

1. Create A Profile - Get your pet(s) posted on to be seen by millions of pet adopters.

2. Review Applications - The dedicated team at Rehome will give you all the help you need to select the potential adopters.

3. Meet Adopters - Rehome will guide you through the process of setting safe and pressure-free meetings with applicants.

4. Finalize Adoption - Rehome will provide you with an adoption contract to protect the transfer of your pet ownership. 

Rehoming Your Pet(s) Through GHHS

At Georgia Heartland Humane Society, part of our focus is to rescue surrendered animals. As an organization, we operate through a foster system of volunteers. While this can make the transition for your pet(s) a little less stressful than a shelter, we are limited on the amount of pets we can take. Our goal is to take in as many pets as possible, however, there is potential for a waiting period to take in your pet(s). If you wish to rehome through us, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you. Please note, there is no gaurentee we can take your pet(s). At this time, Georgia Heartland Humane Society is not able to take animals in that are over 20 pounds. 

Rehome your pet(s) through GHHS.

Please fill out this form if you would like to rehome your animal(s) and a GHHS representative will get back to you shortly. Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee that GHHS will take in your animal. 


Email Address*


Do You Have a Cat of Dog?*

Has Your Pet Been Spayed/Neutered?*

Is Your Pet Up to Date on All Vaccinations?*

Does Your Pet Get Along with Other Dogs or Cats?*

What Breed is Your Pet?*

What is Your Pet's Weight and Age?*

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