Monetary Donations 

GHHS is a non- profit 501 (3) (c) 100% tax deductible rescue

Using PayPal , MasterCard ,Visa, Discover & American Express


Donations of goods

Pet food and other supplies

• Dry and canned dog, cat, puppy, and kitten food

• Clumping litter

• Kitten formula

• Dog and Cat treats (soft and hard)

• Metal food bowls

• Cat and dog toys

• Dog leashes- nylon or leather

• Dog collars- nylon or choke chain

• Harnesses

• Plastic bags to pick up dog poop

Pet containment, bedding, and ground cover

• Dog crates of all sizes

• Pet carriers of all sizes

• Machine-washable towels and blankets for pet bedding

• Machine-washable dog and cat beds

• Sheets for puppies and kittens

• Tarps to put under exercise pens

• Bleach, liquid laundry soap, Dawn dish soap

• Hand sanitizer

• Small/Large Trash bags

• Paper towels

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Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Georgia

Heartland Humane Society.

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Kroger Community Rewards
Grocery shop for you and your family and donate to Georgia Heartland Humane Society 48068.


Woof Trax

Donate to Georgia Heartland Humane Society by walking your dog  click the link below to add app to your phone .

Woof Trax